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Special thanks to:


My Pop for teaching me how to keep it simple.  Kirk Citron for being the first to spot me. 

 Linda Marso for giving me my first Volvo gig.  Tracy Wong for teaching me how not to Art Direct. 

Mike Dakota for teaching me how to learn.  Harry DeZitter for always raising the crossbar. 

Desiree Kennedy-producer extraordinaire-you rock!

Michael Ash for picking out my first great baby shot.

My brother for being a hero.  My son for making me feel like Iím a hero.

 Christopher Michael.  Fia. Henry the Octopus, Dora, Zaboomafoo, Wiggly parties, Spongebob Squarepants.  

Every parent who has trusted me with their kids for all these years. 

 Stevie Wonder for the beautiful songs that run through my head when I shoot. 

 The guy who held the leash real tight on the Neapolitan Mastiff.

FedEx for getting it there.  The Nikon Corporation.

Stiff legged walking. Indented knuckles. Fake farts under the arm.

And of course all the little people who made this whole thing possible.



Photographed on location in:


Key Biscayne, FL, Miami, FL, Clifton, NJ, New Rochelle, NY, Larchmont, NY, Rye, NY,

New York City, NY, Kingston, WA, Clewiston, FL  Glen Island, NY, Plantation, FL,

White Plains, NY, Bedford Hills, NY  Woodstock, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Bridge Hampton, NY,

Mount Vernon, NY, Saugerties, NY, St Louis, MO, Monticello, NY, South Miami, FL,

Pinecrest, FL, Port Chester, NY, Coral Gables, FL, Calexico, CA.





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