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Contact info (best to e-mail me for quicker response!): 

[email protected] or call (305) 975-0700.




Frequently Asked Questions




Q:  What if my child is “having a bad day?”


A:  While we try to schedule your shoot to coincide with your

child’s “best hours”, it doesn’t always work out that way. 

The purpose is to capture beautiful moments in time that you will cherish for generations. 

I can and will reschedule in the unlikely event your child is having a “bad day.”


Q:  How long will my prints last?


A:  I print all my images on the highest quality, most expensive archival papers. 

Properly handled and framed (please use acid free framing), your prints should last for about a century. 

Please avoid hanging them in direct sunlight.  Please only handle with clean and dry hands. Please handle by the sides only. 

I do however guarantee my prints for five years.  If you have a problem, just let me see what happened. 

I’ll be able to tell if you’ve been naughty or nice.  If you’ve been nice, it’s on me.  If you’ve been naughty, it’s on you.


Q:  Where would you like to photograph?


A:  The world is my studio. 

We can shoot at a park, a backyard or I can light an interior for you. 

I do prefer natural settings to white backgrounds, but I can and have shot in quite a few locations and studios all around the nation as you will see listed later.


Q:  Do I get a CD of the all the images you photographed?


A:  No. I will provide you with a contact sheet of edited images (yeah, I take out all the one’s with the eyes closed etc). 

From that contact sheet, just select which one’s you want, what size you want them and in what quantity.


Q:  How much do your services cost?


A:  You could spend a lot less. But please compare shop. 

I want you to be happy whether I am the one to capture images for you or someone else does.  

Please call for pricing or if you have any other questions.


Q:  Where do you store your digital files?


A:  All digital files are stored in three places.

1) In an external hard drive kept in a fireproof vault at one location.

2) In an encrypted computer at another location. 

3)  All files are backed up onto CD’s and kept at a third location. 

Please note that I Re-Burn your CD’s every approximately every five years to ensure their integrity and longevity. 


Q:  My baby looks so cute nude.  Will you photograph them in the tub?


A:  No. 

I have great nudes of my son, my nieces and nephews but I will not photograph your child nude. 

A diaper I’ll do.  Nude?  No.


Q:  Will I hurt or help if I (the parent, aunt, uncle etc.)

am in the room or general area where you are photographing?


A:  It depends.  Most kids are fine with me. 

But I will not be alone with your child.  If you are standing on the other side of the door or behind a tree, that’s one thing. 

But I will not be alone with your child.


Q:  What should my child wear?


A: It’s up to you.  It all depends. I can come pick outfits with you prior to your session. 

And we can do wardrobe changes if you’d like.  I also prefer if your child or children are there so I can meet them prior to your session.   

This is not a necessity, but I found it does a lot of good come shooting time. 

Even if we just meet for 5 minutes, it helps.  Really, this is not a fashion exercise. 

It’s about capturing the spirit that is your child. 

Ya never know. 

A face shot might be the one that blows you away for a century.



All photographs and text Copyright  © Michael LaMonica